Pleasure boats & Ships Rental in Abu Dhabi


Our vision is to provide dedicated boat rental services with best possible rates in the locality.

We offer the widest range of boating holidays in Abu Dhabi. There are numerous boats available, almost all with online availability.

Cruiser Boat Holidays on UAE waterways


We have boats ranging from a single cabin to 6 cabins large yachts available which are very easy to book online. The Ocean Dream Boats has been a feature of the UAE waters for many years. Its design allows a considerable degree of comfort and facilities. Many boats have either inside and outside steering or central steering with a sliding canopy. We have our own in-house boats ready to give you pleasure trips at your own convenience.

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Our boats have been registered according to the UAE regulations and checked by the Municipality department. Our Captains & crew have extensive knowledge of the local cruising area, allowing you to capture all the best sight’s along Abu Dhabi’s famous coastline. Your Captain will have at least one deck hand to assist him in his duties and to make sure our guests receive the best hospitality in Abu Dhabi.

Depending on the number of people onboard, for either a private or corporate Charter, Ocean Dream Boats will arrange for additional crew members to meet your special requirements. This could include stewards, waiters, hostesses and of course a qualified Chef.

Our goal is to help you to find the boat you need, when and where you want. Our team of consultants work to provide a unique and personal treatment, because trust, commitment and safety are our main goal. We are a team that works with one goal, make your holiday perfect and unforgettable.

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